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EdiLex AC Linear Module G3 Zhaga

Edison Opto has introduced a variety of AC modules which are designed to be driven directly to AC line voltage.


Compared with the traditional LED, Edison Opto's AC modules don't need to connect external driver, so that it can help to reduce the circuit cost and the size of luminaires.


Also, users have more flexibility in luminaire design. In addition, the AC modules are grouped in 3-Step MacAdam ellipse which demonstrates Edison Opto's capability of color consistency.


Edison Opto's EdiLex AC modules can be widely used in Indoor lighting.


Feature :
■ Connects directly on AC Mains voltage
■ High Power Efficiency & Factor
■ Long Life Time
■ Miniaturization design
■ 3-Step MacAdam

■ Triac Dimming

Applications :
■ Wall Light

■ Pandent Light

Status Order Code Color CCT(K)
CRI Dimension/
5ELALN2T12243003 3000K 24 200 120V 2400 80 560x40 120
5ELALN2T12244003 4000K 24 200 120V 2500 80 560x40 120
5ELALN2T12245703 5700K 24 200 120V 2600 80 560x40 120
5ELALN2T23243003 3000K 24 104 230V 2400 80 560x40 120
5ELALN2T23244003 4000K 24 104 230V 2500 80 560x40 120
5ELALN2T23245703 5700K 24 104 230V 2600 80 560x40 120
New Product  Mass Production  EOL (End-of-life)  Under Development