HE Lightbar IP67 Series
PLCC Lightbar FPC is a strip of lighting module available in varying colors. Its flexible circuit board not only enables novel design thinking with bendable light source, but also offers a wide range of applications with dividable lighting segments.
PLCC Lightbar series are available in red, yellow, green, blue, white, neutral white and warm white for application such as under-cabinet lighting, cove lighting and wall washing. Moreover, additional fine-tuned high color rendering index (CRI) version of white, neutral white and warm white all make PLCC Lightbar the ideal lighting choice for vividly building or decoration products, presenting the products outline.


Features :

■ High Brightness SMD LED

■ Low Power Requirement & Energy Efficient

■ Waterproof Level IP67

■ Suitable for Restricted Space


Typical Applications :

■ Auditorium Walkway Lighting

■ Stairway Assist Lighting

■ Cabinet Lighting

Status Order Code Color CCT(K)
CRI Dimension/
6LBU4CWJE0S04203 6000K 8.6W/M 350mA/M 24CV 1000lm/m 80 5000 -
6LBU4NWJE0S04203 4000K 8.6W/M 350mA/M 24CV 960lm/m 80 5000 -
6LBU4WWJE0S04203 3000K 8.6W/M 350mA/M 24CV 920lm/m 80 5000 -
6LBU4CWJE0S07003 6000K 14.4W/M 600mA/M 24CV 1680lm/m 80 5000 -
6LBU4NWJE0S07003 4000K 14.4W/M 600mA/M 24CV 1620lm/m 80 5000 -
6LBU4WWJE0S07003 3000K 14.4W/M 600mA/M 24CV 1540lm/m 80 5000 -
6LBU4CWJE0S08001 6000K 10.8W/M 450mA/M 24CV 1600lm/m 80 5000 -
6LBU4NWJE0S08001 4000K 10.8W/M 450mA/M 24CV 1560lm/m 80 5000 -
6LBU4WWJE0S08001 3000K 10.8W/M 450mA/M 24CV 1500lm/m 80 5000 -
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