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Edison Opto Ultra High Power Stonehenge Light Engine New Launch

Introducing our new light engine – The Stonehenge Series 400-1,200W PCBA Module solution, which provide high-efficiency optical integrator matrix assembly and extremely high power output with a uniform color mixing through unique and elegant lens. The modules are fully compatible with various high-lumen density LEDs such as white, RGBW, dual color, and more colors in

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Provide UVC Disinfection Total Solution for you-Edison Opto

In recent years, due to the global outbreak of COVID-19, the people’s demand for anti-epidemic and sterilization of anti-virus products has risen, ranging from portable sterilization equipment, home appliances sterilization, and public health sterilization. With the rise of environmental awareness and in response to the Minamata Convention, UV lamps containing mercury will gradually be replaced

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Provide professional module design and customized services.

Edison Opto provides customers with advanced module customization and LDMS integration technical services, which can be extended to various applications and performance requirements. We can help customers simplify processes, save production costs, and expand their capabilities to new fields and more diverse projects without adding equipment or manpower, and quickly gain a place in the

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Edison Released Brand New Product DOB III series

The DOB III series increased the efficiency, dimming smoothness also provide ultra-low flicker function (flicker 5% and even 5% during dimming). It is compliance 2021 European flicker standard IEC TR61547(PstLM ) and CIE TN006 (SVM) request. Can be applied in many different lighting applications. Especially we reduced LES to Φ6mm / Φ9mm, prepared optics accessories,

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Product End-of-Life Notice : PLCC Series

Date:Sep 22, 2020 As we always concerned about the importance of continuity in customer service, and keep providing high quality and on-time delivery requirements to our valued customers, Edison periodically re-evaluate our product lines to ensure that we can provide cost effective products with high quality. Therefore, we have decided to discontinue the products in

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