• UVC Module

UVC EMS Customized Services

Edison Opto provides UVC module customized services. According to different environments and applications, high efficient EDILUV Series have high power intensity and enable diversity scenarios for disinfection and sterilization.
Edison Opto offers professional optical system design and integrated circuit services to meet all kinds of customer needs.

  • Design & Sanitizer Simulation

UV LED optical simulation is often used as an evaluation method in terms of the complexity base on real application scenarios except to using a simple energy calculation.
Edison Opto provides professional optical simulate services and layout design to assist customers in evaluating the UVC sterilization for different application requirement, which can reducing the cost of the UVC module development process, and ensuring that the UVC products can achieve the best sterilization effect as expected.


UVC Radiation SimulationUVC Radiation Simulation

Sterilization EffectSterilization Effect


  • UVC Applications

Air – Air conditioner, Air Purifier
Water – Water Sterilization, Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Surface – Portable Sterilization Box, Dish Dryer, Sweeper and variety of Surface Disinfection Devices


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