• AC Module Series

The EdiLex AC Module is an LED light engine that can be used with direct alternating current. The LED light source and the power supply circuit are integrated on the circuit board. There is no need for an external drive power supply. It can save the inventory space of the drive power supply and reduce the lamp production process. The light and thin size without power supply also allow the lamp the best design can be made.

Edison’s EdiLex AC Module from LED packaging to circuit design and production can provide customers with accurate CRI and color temperature selection, suitable power specifications, correct flicker requirements, flexible size design, and UL CE ETL safety regulations certification. Make EdiLex AC Module suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor lighting applications such as ceiling lights, downlights, track lights, wall lights, flood lights, patio lights, street lights, etc.

Modular specifications make it easier for LEDs to be used in lighting products, which greatly reduces the cost of production and preparation, which is the future trend of LED lighting production.

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