• DC Module Series

The EdiLex DC high-efficiency module is a solution for any project of any size and Zhaga compliance. The high-efficiency module uses Edison’s flagship UE 2835 to reach a typical drive current that provides efficiency in the range of 195 to 205 lm/W. Whereas using similar technology, HE 2835 package with high performance, providing efficiency within the upper range of 180 to 195 lm/W under typical drive current, is an excellent alternative for cost sensitivity projects of high-efficiency modules.

With module designs both having dual UL and CE product certifications, LEDs in Edison are not only able to achieve color uniformity standards that match 1.5 SDCM, but also in package technology where Edison became the pioneer that introduced the industry’s first LED package that meets the TM30 high-CRI specification, which can achieve R1~R15>90, Rf=93~97, Rg=103~110 CRI ratings, so that it can be used in human centric lighting applications.

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