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Edison’s LED Strip has flexible bending properties and uniform color temperature selection, providing customers with products that can be used from the main lighting to indirect decorative lighting.

The design of 24V, 12V constant voltage operation allows customers to freely connect and cut in series. Various places LED Strip products from LED packaging to PCB design and production, pay attention to the quality of light and the product itself, the selection of high and low CRI (Ra), the selection of consistent color temperature, PCB incoming inspection, production burn-in test, all with the highest specification requirements.

190lm/W high-brightness and high-efficiency products can replace the main lighting for home decoration. The high value of TM30 CRI(Ra)>95 is used in shopping places to make the products more refined, and the color change of illusion is used in entertainment places. The product makes the atmosphere of joy more feel. The fresh lighting close to the color of meat, seafood, vegetables, and fruits shows the freshest samples. Edison’s LED Strip can be used in a variety of applications.

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