• Film and Studio Module

Federal 5050 Stonehenge Series is an optical integrator matrix assembly, which is fully compatible with various high lumen density LEDs such as white, RGBW, dual color and more colors in one.

It has the characteristics of high optical efficiency and uniform color mixing.

The glass type Federal 5050 with Stonehenge design is made of a LED matrix which is surface mounted by a specified number of LEDs, then assembled with module optics in a simple way to form a high-power LED module.

Federal 5050 Stonehenge Series has a narrower beam angle than ordinary surface light sources(COB for instance), uniform color mixing, high efficiency, convenient use and maintenance.

Several color choices are available among the wide variety of options, we also provide color customized services, PC lime or Cyan for instance.

Edison has especially developed high CRI Federal 5050 for scenes that need more real color, such as profile spotlight.

Stonehenge Series would be the optimal choice for customers to choose from to create dazzling stage effects.

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