EDISON OPTO upholds a corporate culture of integrity, pragmatism, and modesty and is striving to become a major international supplier of integrated LED lighting services. We appeal to like-minded talents to join EDISON to constantly push the envelope of optoelectronics! Chairman Jason Wu sees talents as an important asset of the Company and works closely with colleagues. We provide employees with diverse and flexible learning channels, a comprehensive promotion mechanism, as well as opportunities for pay raises and promotions. Furthermore, we issue bonuses to express our recognition and appreciation for employees, and we also emphasize team interaction among colleagues, organizing various activities to foster solidarity and rapport, allowing them to garner a sense of achievement at work.

Growth Together

Internal training

  • Orientation training
  • Manage talent development
  • Occupational skill training
  • Health and LOHAS lecture

Expatriate training

  • Professional course
  • Technical license
  • Seminar/briefing

On-the-job training

  • Tutoring
  • Work instruction
  • Project assignment
  • Job rotation


  • Industry information
  • Online Product course
  • Employee Handbook


To look after employees, we offer diverse benefits and promotion channels, allowing them to achieve work-life balance, and providing them with a workplace to garner a sense of achievement.

Welfare and Benefits
  • Employee health checkup
  • Parking subsidies for cars and motorcycles
  • Year-end banquet
  • Cash gifts for holidays and birthdays
  • Wedding cash gift and childbirth subsidies
  • Funeral subsidies and condolences allowance
  • Children's Scholarship
  • Staff dormitory
  • Free coffee
Remuneration / Insurance
  • Year-end bonus
  • Performance bonus
  • R&D patent bonus
  • Employee group insurance
Quality workspace
  • Employee cafeteria
  • Nursery rooms exclusively for employees
  • Rooftop garden
Health and leisure
  • Employee club activities
  • Employee travel subsidies
  • Team dinner / Family Day

Join Us


Submit your resume through 104 Job Bank or send your resume directly to


The supervisor of HR and the hiring unit review and screen your resume


After confirming the applicant’s willingness to receive an interview, you will be asked to fill out the Company's resume and questionnaire

Preliminary interview

Those who are qualified will be invited for an interview

Preliminary notice

The interview by the supervisor of HR and the hiring unit will be conducted in conjunction with the aptitude and relevant professional tests according to the needs of different positions (the interview time is approximately two hours)

Second interview

The second interview is arranged according to different positions
(the interview time is approximately one hour)

Offer letter

Appointments will be notified via phone within a week and an admission letter will be emailed


Please prepare the relevant documents before reporting for duty


Welcome to the EDISON family

How to Arrive

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