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Customer Complaints Process and Instruction

  • 1.Warranty applies and extends only to the customers who made purchase directly from Edison.
  • 2.After filling the “8D correction report form ”, original products must be returned in as good condition as received, except for ordinary wear; if the original products were used on the end-application , please provide the applied device, fixture etc. along with the original products. Once you send out the original products, please notify Edison of your issuance immediately .
  • 3.After receiving the original products, Edison will provide Failure Analysis (3D) reports within 3 working days, (5D) reports within 5 working days, (8D) reports within 7 working days. Without any objection to the Analysis reports in 7 days, it shall be considered that You agree Edison to furnish remedy and act accordingly to such reports.
  • 4.The warranty does not apply to the products that have been subjected to inadequate maintenance; misapplication or improper operation differing from the specifications indicated within the product’s specification sheet, intended purpose or manner; mishandling, carelessness, accidental loss or damage in transit; unsuitable site preparation; unauthorized modification or repair.
  • 5.If You failed to comply with the aforesaid procedures of claiming defective and non- conforming Products, You acknowledge and agree that Edison may refuse such warranty claims.
  • 6.Transportation costs of returning Products must be borne by the You , unless after examination the non-conforming is attributable to Edison.
  • 7.Warranty Period
Products Series Limited
Warranty Period
PLCC 2Years
Federal 2Years
COB/DOB 2Years
DataLink 2Years
UV/IR 1Years
Module Products AC/DC 3Years
LED(Stage lights) Federal 1Years
LED(Automotive) ALL 1Years
Appliance lamps Panel Light 2Years
AC Down Light 2Years
Ceiling Light 2Years
Track Light 2Years
Street Light 3Years
Flood Light 3Years
Highbay 3Years
T5 Tube Light 2Years
T8 Tube Light 2Years
Tri-proof Light 2Years

  • 8.After completing the form, attach it to the following form and send it to Edison’s customer service staff (RMA@edison-opto.com.tw)and get in touch.

  • Updated: Jan 12th , 2023

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